The Swifts will be leaving any day now ...

They arrived in the first week of May and usually leave around the first week of August. They come all the way from Africa to breed here with us in Presteigne, staying 3 summer months before flying thousands of miles back again.
These amazing birds have shared our buildings ever since the Romans came to Britain. They still breed in our eaves and gables, but not for much longer, as modern and renovated buildings exclude them. We have lost over half of our Swifts in the past 20 years, so they do need our help.
Putting up a nest box is one way to help, Knighton Men's Shed make these - contact John on 01544 232750.
If you are doing any renovations to buildings be sure to leave existing nest places undisturbed. 
Or if re-roofing, make new nest access holes to match the old ones exactly.
Swifts spend their life almost entirely on the wing and even feed, sleep and mate in flight. They feed exclusively on insects and only come to land when nesting.
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