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Malcolm Hughes, Ludlow Men’s Shed Co-Ordinator

Hi John and thanks for the speedy reply and offer. I have already identified that whatever we do in providing rules and guidance that no one will ever read them. However we have to start somewhere. It has given me a lot of confidence chatting to you yesterday as you are a long way ahead of us. Thank you so much for the copy of your Constitution and Health and Safety Risk Assessments, they will be very useful. Thanks again for your time yesterday, apart from the practical examples you shared just talking it through was of great value and much appreciated. --Malcolm Hughes, Ludlow Men’s Shed Co-Ordinator

Debbie Davies, Presteigne Carnival Chair

Hi, what would we do without you guys at the Shed? Can I get you to make us another stand for the Parade assembly point as we have another category of entry. The ones you made before were just the job and we still have them in storage after two years lock down.

--Debbie Davies, Presteigne Carnival Chair

Reply from the Shed: Not a problem, I’ll drop it off at yours when it’s done

Sally, Knucklas Carnival Committee

The stocks made by Knighton Men's Shed are amazing, so sturdy and at a very reasonable price. I am sure they will get plenty of use at the Carnival on the 30th July 2022. Look forward to seeing you there! 

--Sally, Knucklas Carnival Committee

Ken Morris, Fronhir, Knighton

The ramps made by the Men’s Shed have given me mobility scooter access

to my house via the front door, something that we struggled with before you installed them. It has made such a difference. Thank you very much. --Ken Morris, Fronhir, Knighton

Grace Lewis, Cottage View Nursing Home, Knighton

The planters made by the Knighton Men’s Shed look fantastic outside in the garden and give our residents something pretty to look at now they are all planted up with flowers. Thank you so much for doing this for us..

--Grace Lewis, Cottage View Nursing Home, Knighton

Jayne Hughes, Presteigne Carnival Committee

Hello John thank you so much for repairing the Carnival Queens Chair. It was in a bit of a sorry state but looks fabulous now. Thank you so much for repairing it. I hope it wasn’t too difficult……

A big thank you for dropping it off at mine as well! --Jayne Hughes, Presteigne Carnival Committee

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